✅ Taxes

Now testing out Fork macOS Git client thanks to @dgold for telling me about it.

With my move iCloud Drive, I was hoping Ulysses would have iCloud Drive support. Unfortunately, the Ulysses library does not show its folder. I guess they are out, I liked iA Writer, but the developer is so rigid with their idea of the app there is no room for compromise. Hmm 🤔

BBEdit on the Mac App store along with Transmit is finally making me believe that Apple is serious about the Mac App Store. Also I am really looking forward to Marzipan apps coming to the MAS, currently my biggest hope is for Working Copy.

Dinner tonight was ground turkey in red sauce over spaghetti squash. It was so good, definitely going to be in our rotation of easy dinners to cook. Total time was 45 minutes for prep and cook.

Now that AirPower is dead, I’m going to have to purchase the Nomad Base Station for charging AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Shipping delayed until 4/30 currently.

I was not expecting to sign up for the Apple Card before the event today, but learning about it has changed my mind. I will now be signing up immediately once it is out, I use Apple Pay all day long, so it only makes sense to get 2% back.

It’s always nice when 43°F feels like warm spring weather after a harsh cold winter.

🍿 Watched: The Widow

The Widow is an excellent show with a satisfying beginning, middle, and ending within one season. Lots of twists make for a gripping watch all the way through, definitely recommend watching this show.

Purchased the new AirPods immediately. Delivery between 3/27 and 3/29, last time they came a day early so hopefully the same this time.

Recently I’ve found myself more willing to ask people questions online or via email. I believe this change can be attributed to my active presence online on Micro.blog and my wiki. The more I interact, the less shy I become, which has led to some genuinely great interactions. I’m so glad to have met all these great people here on Micro.blog.

I’ve been watching Mock the Week all day on this snowy/rainy day. I love British TV it’s so much better than US TV.

I removed the Status posts from my blog’s entries page and created a new page to display them. I’m also considering changing the tag from Status to Micro but haven’t committed to it yet. I’m still thinking about what to call them. 🤔

Wttr.in is out of queries, I guess I won’t be added the weather to my journal yet. 😔

I want to move to iA Writer everywhere, but the lack of TextExpander support on iOS is killing me. I thought I could get away without it on iOS, but I’ve come to realize how much I depend on it. I’ve emailed to request TE integration. Hopefully, they can add it quickly.

I love the look of Carbonize shared code snippets and want to start using them. I also don’t want to force people to have to rewrite the code, so I’m thinking of creating Github gists of the shared snippets so there is an easy way to copy. Thoughts?

❄️ I didn’t check the weather forecast for today and woke up to ~3 inches of snow with drifts close to 3 feet due to the wind. Thankfully I have nowhere to go (President’s Day - US Holiday), so I can take my time getting out to clear the car and shovel.

The amount of people who are in Boston for the Patriots parade who are already drunk is ridiculous. It is 8:30 A.M. and I’ve seen about 20 people clearly drunk. Have some decency. 😒

On the one hand, I love how easy VDI environments are to manage. On the other, VMware is a cesspool of terribleness that should be burned to the ground for its inability to make quick and simple fixes on the fly.

I’m considering subscribing to The Economist. Does anyone on Micro.blog read it or previously subscribed? Do you have an opinion one way or another?

With Apple Pay coming to Target, I’m down to Cumberland Farms as the only place I go regularly that still doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Hopefully it changes soon.

I usually go grocery shopping Saturday or Sunday morning, decided the previous weekend by which day I have breakfast with my grandmother. Last week we decided Sunday, there is a snow storm coming tonight, therefore people living in Massachusetts for their entire lives will fall apart, freak out, and need to buy everything in the store due to some snow. Meaning my usually peaceful morning grocery trip will be chaotic, packed, and probably leave me without a number of items I have on my list. 🤦‍♂️

I’m trying to find a writing app for Windows for blogging. Currently, I am using Notepad++, which I use for script/file editing. I sometimes use Grammarly because they have character counts, which is a must. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Since mid-December, we’ve been unable to migrate accounts to Office 365 and been back and forth with Microsoft regarding the issue. Finally today we gave up and removed updates from November and December and what do you know, accounts migrate immediately. Contact MS, and they say it isn’t recommended, oh well when they release an update that doesn’t break our migrations we’ll gladly update, but for now, we won’t be updating.

Debating to separate my short posts for Micro.blog out into a secondary Blot blog with a separate domain, then keep my regular domain/Blot site for longer Titled posts. 🤔

The Bose QC 35II were the best purchase I’ve made in a while. They are amazing for noise canceling and sound quality is great.