We are 2 nights away from sleeping on our new Sleep Number bed, and I am shaking with excitement. 🛏

Just purchased 64 GB memory upgrade for my Mac Pro. I’m also looking at dual 27-inch 4K displays, but haven’t done enough research yet to decide on the best ones. The past month has been a very expensive hardware month for me.

In my on going obsession to privatize my data exposure, I’ve set up VPN Plus Server on my Synology router. Works great, and allows me to close external access to certain applications and services on the NAS.

I wrote some thoughts on Resilio Sync.

TLDR: Still looking for a syncing solution.

I really need the new Synology Drive On-demand Sync to be added to the macOS client and I think I’ll be ready to drop Dropbox to the free tier.

Somehow it escaped my attention that Slack now has full Dark mode support on iOS.

My brief trial of Syncthing was cut short due to the lack of an iOS app. I spent ~20 minutes testing on two Macs then went to install on iOS and found they haven’t made one and it doesn’t seem like there are plans to do so. Sticking with Resilio for now.

I’ve been fighting with Resilio for 3 days off and on trying to get it to use the Let’s Encrypt certificate that I use for my NAS. Every other service picks the cert up and uses it, but Resilio isn’t working. Contacted support so hopefully they can help.

Successful trip to Ikea today, got a dresser and two side tables. Now headed home to build them. 🔨

It’s a gorgeous 62°F out this morning and sunny! Wish I was headed to the park instead of the office.

For those who post link or like posts, meaning posts filled with links you’ve read over the past week, what do you use to keep track of those you want to post?

Had drinks with coworkers that are definitely more friends than coworkers. It was a lot of fun and makes me glad I’ve made these relationships into more than just a professional connection.

Productive day so far:

✅ Town Parking Sticker
✅ Inspection Sticker
✅ Packages Mailed
✅ Key Fob Batteries Replaced

I’m amazed at how much faster syncing DEVONthink databases to WebDAV on the Synology is compared to iCloud and Dropbox. It’s ridiculously faster than Dropbox, and even faster than iCloud, especially the initial sync. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t move sooner only because I thought of moving about 8 months ago and kept putting it off, oh well lesson learned.

In other news, I’m working on two posts, one regarding what I use my Synology for, and the other about how I am moving away from storing data on company servers where I have no control over that data. Hope to have at least one up tomorrow and the other by the end of this week.

Set up WebDav on my Synology and changed a couple of DEVONthink databases over to the WebDav for syncing. It’s ridiculously fast, and now I’m thinking of moving more of my databases over.

New Notes Editor in TheBrain 11

This new editor will be a flagship feature in TheBrain 11… It’s internally written code, giving us far greater control and has been designed specifically for use in TheBrain.

I am so excited for this update, I wish they had an ETA.

The only action I really need in Drafts for Mac ASAP is to export the current file with the Title (first line) as the name of the file and remove it from the text of the file when saved. It would make posting to Blot so much easier.

I’ve switched to storing all software licenses in a DEVONthink database. It’s easier than creating a record in 1Password with all the information. Now I print the emails to PDF then save them in the db, in 1P I add the software and license key, then a link to the DEVONthink item.

⚽ Liverpool played strong yesterday, hopefully able to reproduce the match play in the CL finals.

No idea what it is but I am exhausted today. I want to go home and sleep, hopefully leaving early today as long as no one schedules a meeting between now and 2:20.

Brave sync completely botch my bookmarks, and due to iCloud on Windows, it destroyed them on all but one Apple device. On my MacBook Pro, I quickly disabled the WiFi then exported the bookmarks from Brave and was able to disable Brave sync everywhere and import the bookmarks. 😅

I really love DEVONthink and I use the web server in Pro Office. I’m having a tough time swallowing the $399 upgrade price tag for two Server “seats.” I use three Macs, so I’ll have to spend $500 to get the same experience as I have now. Ouch

Had to tape up another Field Notes binding. It’s how you know your getting heavy use out of it.

Field Notes Held together by Electrical Tape

I love writing my posts in Drafts on iOS and macOS. Unfortunately Monday-Friday 7:45-15:45 I’m stuck on Windows and therefore when I go to work on a post I have to transfer it from Drafts to iCloud Drive and it’s so annoying because nothing comes close to Drafts on Windows.

I realized I’ve missed a few notifications for Micro.blog posts recently because I didn’t get the iOS notification. I guess it’s time to set a reminder to check the mentions tab every day.