🔗 I’ve been participating in The Greatest Product of All Time Bracket Challenge and it’s been fun to watch the results. Some of the products are clear winners, but a couple have really surprised me.

New Notes Editor in TheBrain 11

This new editor will be a flagship feature in TheBrain 11… It’s internally written code, giving us far greater control and has been designed specifically for use in TheBrain.

I am so excited for this update, I wish they had an ETA.

Twitter Goes Full Marie Kondo

When it comes to cleaning house, Twitter at least seems to have figured out what to toss and what to keep.

EU Copyright Directive to Turn Google into Ghost Town

Google’s search results will look like a deserted town, with no article titles, no images, and no news summaries

The screenshots looks like it forgot to load 75% of the content. Hopefully doesn’t come to pass in the EU.

210-Foot Fatberg Blocks Sewers of English Seaside Town

But a monster lurks beneath the calm: a mass of fat, oil and wet wipes extending for at least 210 feet.

Absolutely crazy.

The Education of Huawei - WSJ

The U.S. has to enforce its laws or they’re meaningless, and China has to see there is a price for violating norms in pursuit of economic and security dominance. Play by the rules, and everyone can prosper.

Interesting editorial on Huawei in the Wall Street Journal

Inside Twitter’s Struggle Over What Gets Banned

Mr. Dorsey also said that while Twitter’s longtime guiding principle has been free expression, the company is now discussing “that safety should come first.

Better late than never, I guess…