I’m amazed at how much faster syncing DEVONthink databases to WebDAV on the Synology is compared to iCloud and Dropbox. It’s ridiculously faster than Dropbox, and even faster than iCloud, especially the initial sync. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t move sooner only because I thought of moving about 8 months ago and kept putting it off, oh well lesson learned.

In other news, I’m working on two posts, one regarding what I use my Synology for, and the other about how I am moving away from storing data on company servers where I have no control over that data. Hope to have at least one up tomorrow and the other by the end of this week.

Set up WebDav on my Synology and changed a couple of DEVONthink databases over to the WebDav for syncing. It’s ridiculously fast, and now I’m thinking of moving more of my databases over.

Monica CRM Experiment

Monica CRM was a very interesting experiment but it won’t last. TheBrain makes better connections for people, plus the notes and attachments are great in TheBrain but in Monica were a bit tedious to maintain. I like the interface and with some basic improvements it would do great. At this point in time I don’t think it is at a point where I can move everything from DEVONthink and TheBrain into Monica.

I am going to keep Monica up and running, I’ve moved it to one of my production Droplets on DigitalOcean so I can have the test server back. I’ll see if the updates in the future help improve notes/attachments and hope one day it can replace the homemade solution I have now.

I’ve switched to storing all software licenses in a DEVONthink database. It’s easier than creating a record in 1Password with all the information. Now I print the emails to PDF then save them in the db, in 1P I add the software and license key, then a link to the DEVONthink item.

I really love DEVONthink and I use the web server in Pro Office. I’m having a tough time swallowing the $399 upgrade price tag for two Server “seats.” I use three Macs, so I’ll have to spend $500 to get the same experience as I have now. Ouch

In advance of my ScanSnap ix1500 arriving tomorrow, DEVONtechnologies released DEVONthink 2.10.2, which restores integration after the switch to ScanSnap Home application. Should be a productive rainy weekend.

Switching to a FileMaker Database from DEVONthink Pro Office (Not By Choice)

Due to my job shifting to an Enterprise Applications Administrator I’ve had to resort to using Windows. I mainly use DEVONthink Pro Office for my notes and research, until recently I also used it to store personal work information (think knowledge base and code snippet storage). I needed to start sharing the information with the new roles. Therefore this weekend I’ll be learning all about FileMaker databases as it seems to be the closest option for me to DTPO while also providing easy sharing. If you have any suggestions or useful links for starting the database I would appreciate them. We have LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com), so I’m starting with a couple of essential training courses.