The only action I really need in Drafts for Mac ASAP is to export the current file with the Title (first line) as the name of the file and remove it from the text of the file when saved. It would make posting to Blot so much easier.

I removed the Status posts from my blog’s entries page and created a new page to display them. I’m also considering changing the tag from Status to Micro but haven’t committed to it yet. I’m still thinking about what to call them. 🤔

Debating to separate my short posts for out into a secondary Blot blog with a separate domain, then keep my regular domain/Blot site for longer Titled posts. 🤔

I realized the error in my original set up of my Blot post structures in Dropbox. Which was add all of the post files to the Post folder without breaking them down to year or month, thankfully doesn’t care about folders, so it was incredibly easy to create the folders, drag the posts in (well, Hazel did the hard lifting), and nothing changed, which was the expected and wished for outcome with Blot. Blot continues to impress me in its ease of use and ability to handle seemingly simple tasks as simple tasks. Other platforms would have crumbled on that task.

Had some time yesterday and today to get a couple of items on my Blot wishlist done. Both web mentions and comments are now up and running, big thanks to @amit, you can find his Github repo of his Blot theme here it’s where I got the HTML and CSS changes. Finally, I set up IndieWebRing as well.

Update 9:53 AM EST: @amit wrote up documentation today on how to implement web mentions and comments: Displaying Webmentions with Posts · Amit Gawande

Just started a @blot site for a test to see if I should move over from a hosted account and my goodness is it fast to propogate. I’m amazed at how quickily it updates, over the next week I’ll be doing some tests and might end up moving over.