Recently a few different people who bought the Keychron K1 have not been impressed with the keyboard. For example, Shawn Blanc had an issue with the light changing key placement due to:

The first few days I had this keyboard I accidentally toggled the light mode about every 100 words. Which is not great.

I also triggered the change and had to toggle through the different light modes until I returned, but I liked it because I found another mode better suited to my needs. I’ve since hit it on accident two more times, but muscle memory has set in for this keyboard, and I know where to go to avoid clicking the mode changing button.

Shawn goes on to state:

I’m sad to say that after using the keyboard for a couple weeks my current feeling is that it is less than the sum of its parts. It’s a beautiful and well-made keyboard, and the more I use it the more it’s been growing on me. But for whatever the reason, it’s not delightful to use. And if you’re going to have a big, noisy keyboard, it ought to be nothing if not delightful.

I, on the other hand, love this keyboard. Coming from a Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac it is much less travel and feels a little better on my wrists. I’m not sure what isn’t so delightful about this keyboard but so far it’s been a great keyboard for me.


Some features to point out are:

  • Dedicated Siri Button
    • I haven’t really used this feature because I haven’t used the keyboard with my iPad much and I never use Siri on my Mac
  • Screenshot Button
    • I’ve started to use this a little more, it’s nice to only have to press one button to get screen grab going
  • Dictation Button
    • I’ve used this a couple times and so far it’s worked well
  • Both cabled and bluetooth enabled
  • Feature changes for macOS/iOS or Windows/Android

Bother Points

Two issues I have with the keyboard include, like Shawn, the placement of the backlit light mode button, I think another spot would be better, such as in the top row. The final issue is the second value of the keys are next to the normal value, which gets a little confusing if you are looking for a specific symbol and don’t remember exactly where it is, instead of looking at the top of the keys you need to check across the keys.

Both of these are small issues that only took a few days to acclimate without hindering productivity.


I think this is a great keyboard that majority of people who are coming from far travel Cherry blue switches will not like, but for those of us coming from anything else looking for a smaller key travel keyboard with some mechanical features will be pleased.