I’ve realized as time goes on I either don’t have the patience or mindset to follow a Tweet Story. Something about the breaking up of a 6 paragraphs into 10 or more tweets is too much hassle to try to follow. It should be a blog post, IMHO.

Been a fun ride watching those initially dead set against 1Password v8 due to Electron, now saying “After using it a bit, I’m starting to like it”.

Improvements are needed, but they are definitely happening. And AgileBits has dropped the self imposed September release date.

With PDFPen sold by Smile, I don’t see a future for TextExpander. TE was one of the first to go subscription and I’ve seen almost no new features in 6 years, it’s infuriating. Compared with 1Password, who I believe, consistently proves it’s worth the sub. It’s crazy.

Firefox has much better privacy options and extensions than other browsers, but it has become a bigger resource hog than other browsers. For example, opening the same 4 tabs in Brave, Vivaldi, Edge, and Firefox, for memory Firefox uses 800mb more than next.

🍿 Watched The Turning and was severely disappointed in the ending.

☕ Day two of Volcanica’s Sumatra Mandheling it’s very good.

I’ll be purchasing the Stumptown Blend Trio as a sampler next.

Watched “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”, and I was very disappointed, definitely the worst of the series. “The Nun” is still the best, with “The Curse of La Llorona” coming close behind.

☕ What coffee beans or grounds is everyone buying these days?

Really enjoying Sublime Text 4, Tab Multi-Select and GPU rendering are awesome, but the LSP integration is the best new feature.

Testing out selfhosting Bitwarden with Vaultwarden (previously bitwarden_rs). I like the new Send feature and wish 1Password would adopt Send and the quick shortcuts to copy username and password without opening the item. I’m finding the UI isn’t as polished as 1Password.

I find Spotify new music playlists more useful for finding new music, compared to Apple Music. Also their “radio” playlists are better.

🔗 Signal CEO gives mobile-hacking firm a taste of being hacked

In seemingly “completely unrelated” news, Marlinspike says that future versions of Signal will add to the app storage files that are “aesthetically pleasing.”


I’m slowly moving more and more notes from TheBrain and into Standard Notes. Finished moving the PIM/PKM notes into Standard Notes, while consolidating them. Looks much cleaner this way.

🍿 Rainy Saturday morning today, a great time to watch The Godfather.

Yesterday, I spent about an hour going through old notes and clearing them out. Probably deleted about 250, all from software or services I don’t use. It’s interesting how most of my notes are actually man pages that I’ve created during my time using that software/service.

🍿 Watched The Gentlemen and really liked it. Just enough violence to make it thrilling, but not so graphic to make it disturbing.

I’m very much enjoying watching the Masters while doing Change Request paperwork, makes the paperwork far less painful.

Created an Obsidian Publish Site: Josh’s Obsidian Blog just to play around with. So far I really like it, it’s fun and easy to publish.

Obsidian Mobile is coming along nicely. With thorough backups, I’m trying it as my main note repository, so far so good.

PS. The community plugins are amazing and every day more are being developed.

I’ve recently been enjoying brewing a coffee that is mixing Jamaican Me Crazy and the Panera Dark Roast. Comes out strong, but far less bitter than the straight Dark Roast does. Highly recommended. ☕

Ordered the Bose 700 series yesterday, I needed a new headset that works well with music and calls, the 700 series fulfills these requirements. With the Bose USB Link calls should be even better. Will see how it goes, they should be delivered later today, adapter this weekend.

The Ember mug really needs a iOS widget. I would much prefer to check the temp on the widget than have to open the app. And it seems like this would be the perfect functionality for a widget.

I love when a company gives you options for managing a code base. But when that company gives you those options and then on top of it, develops a live patching/deployment plugin for an IDE, it makes other companies look lazy. SailPoint makes managing SailPoint so much easier.

Installing a macOS 11.1 Big Sur vm in Windows vmWare Workstation Pro is a pain, but thankfully still possible.

Last May I moved to a new house, and since then I’ve been on 300/300Mbps internet speeds. Work has finally agreed to pay the upgrade fee to gigabit speeds, as well as the monthly difference between the two. Trying to schedule the upgrade, but Verizon chat is terrible. 😤